What We Do

Campus Collection makes brand promotion easy.

Today, more than ever, companies need to promote their business. In a way that stands out, and in a way that doesn’t break the bank.

For more than 30 years, Campus Collection has been creating highly personalized, artist-rendered screen-printed apparel for clients. Through our work, we’ve helped customers, ranging from restaurants and bars, to historic landmarks, to beloved regional companies and beyond, tell their story to the marketplace.

And our READY-STOCK program means more promotional inventory on the shelf quickly. We store the shirts you don’t need yet, at no charge to you. When you require more, just give us a call and we’ll ship the available quantities and sizes needed in a 24-hour turn.


Whether you need a replica of artwork or an entirely new custom design, Campus Collection can help. Our in-house design team creates entirely unique designs just for you.

We begin with research of your brand and specific needs. From there our design team will sketch several comps as a starting point. The comps are further refined with up to three solid designs for you to choose from.

With the chosen design and goals in mind, our in-house team assists with garment selections, including fabric weight, texture, SPF levels, garment style and color.

Design Process
    1. Discovery – The customer and Campus Collection discuss the details/goals of the artwork.
    2. Concept – The customer sees the rendering before completion, allowing for input early in the process.
    3. Final Art – Digital proof is sent via email.
Custom Screen Printing


All printing is completed in-house on Campus Collection screen printing equipment. The process involves creating a separate stencil for each color, applied one at a time, achieving the final look of a design. The more colors, the more screens and set up time, but the method produces spectacular results, resulting in richer, brighter colors, superior quality, and better wear and tear.

Printing Process

    1. Garment Selection – The customer and Campus Collection select fabric, style and color of garment.
    2. Stencils – Each color becomes a separate stencil
    3. Production – Garments move through the printing process to achieve final design.


After production, all items are assigned a SKU number and are either prepared for shipping and fulfillment or stored for Campus Collection’s READY-STOCK program.

Our READY-STOCK program and large warehouse facilities allow us to stock and ship goods for immediate delivery – when you need it. This allows our customers to purchase goods as they are shipped, rather than a single, up-front payment for all production. As long as the sizes and quantities are available in your stored inventory, READY-STOCK means no wait time for new sizes or colors.

Storage Process
    1. Track – Inventory is assigned individual SKU codes for style, size and color so that we always have an accurate count.
    2. Store – inventory not immediately needed by the customer is stored in the Campus Collection warehouse for no additional charge, ready for shipment upon demand with 24-hour turnaround.


Campus Collection ships 5 days a week, except during brief holiday closings. And because of our convenient READY-STOCK program, reorders on available stock happen on a 24-hour turn.

Delivery Process
    1. Delivery – Campus Collection ships custom t-shirts, apparel, hats, or koozies for trackable delivery to customer’s choice of location.
    2. Receipt – You receive unique, custom products.